Jaqo liked waiting at the bus stop. A pocket of unstructured time forced into a packed day. A chance to breathe. Meditate. Think. He liked to invent things in his head. Today he was thinking of starting some sort of avant garde publication. An artsy rag. As brake dust gathered at the curb, he began curating this imaginary periodical. A section for literature–damn good writing to be exact. A section for fine art. A local focus or national? Or international? Why not all three?!!! Quarterly or monthly? Where would he want to see this culture-defining work distributed? Obviously, in his favorite local bookstores and coffee shops… Maybe in art supply stores and galleries… Would it be possible to have a publication survive but be located differently with each issue? Like a scavenger hunt for its readers. But its readers would have to be highly motivated to seek out each issue. To want to hunt for it. A limited print run and the exclusiveness of it would help. What if it not only changed distribution points, but the title also changed? Would it even be the same periodical? Editorially and visually, could it be tied together in such a way as to make the separate issues feel connected. Ah, the internal gears of a natural born editor were at work. Grinding and spinning this idea about. It could work. This was one of those ideas that needed to see the light of day. Jaqo knew just who he would call when he got to the office. Why wait for the bus? He decided to walk the 14 blocks. He stepped off the curb and into the pedestrian walkway just as a light blue compact car ran the light. He never saw it coming.

Early Termination is an experimental series based upon abrupt endings where pieces of characters, stories, conversations, or whathaveyous are cut short. Sometimes tragically. Sometimes comically.