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I’m riding the train home yesterday and frantically scribbling in my journal. It keeps me sane. OK, it keeps me from hurting others. And yet I neglect it. But not yesterday. I’m textually vomitting all over the page about office crap and my son’s health condition and blah, blah, blah when I look at the punctuation ending one sentence–it looks like this: ?!! 

My eyes kind of lose focus for a second and this question mark and two exclamation points fades into the white space around it and I suddenly think of how useless all these lines and curves and symbols are that I’m spewing forth and just start to write this:

Leifin nein oblagotorios enchen neuf tach frurorolli. Engstadd öön. Echros neurnh, echros neinh. Elyoshief leigenkor de leiblicht des rayjahft. Ornhecht dev fursh leptnurgh ell jehtts.

This is perhaps the closest words will ever come to expressing how I feel.