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my eyes, the strongest dam
holding back torrents
with a concrete force of will.
but nature always triumphs
and this shall end no different.
there’ll be no minor cracks,
no early warning signs.
not with a tiny leak or pinhole prick,
but with an explosion powered by my
highly pressurized pathos.
for a split second the eyes will bulge
ever so slightly, then pop like
dual-fired champagne corks
and the tears will flood out
covering surfaces in seconds,
swallowing up small pets
and toddlers left to fend for themselves.
an oil black devastation rising endlessly;
over rooftops pulling everything
under and down, down, down
until not even the tallest peak remains.
the earth, a black liquid sphere now sapping
the sun of its light with a gravitational
pull that will end in darkness, that will appear
as a galactic void, an outward explosion of
pain and emptiness destroying like
a blackhole in reverse.