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As soon as we learn to communicate, someone devises a way to miscommunicate. Maybe a cave painting depicted the way to kill the largest meat source. Not long after, some jackass was probably using cave walls to lure weary travelers into a trap or libel the women who’d escaped his hairy paws. It’s always been like this. Probably always will be. Junk mail, spam, cold calls, phishing schemes, official-looking documents, etc., etc. But the wisdom of time is starting to break through again. The spirit of the universe is speaking to you through this ephemera. What masquerades as bait to illicit information/response/attention is harboring enlightening gems if you do nothing more than ruminate on the message. Just the other day on the subway an advert transformed into a zen koan: Keep the burger in the bag. I had no burger. Or did I? This morning, an e-mail appearing to be from a Mrs Patricia Chandler in Hong Kong advised me: If you are honest and Charitable, I have something for you. If this is not the reverse transubstantiation of digital body into intellectual bread, than call me a cab.