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He told me his support was the best, unheard of. But then he told me about some inconsistencies in the process. Which was it? Some friends of mine tried to tell me the truth. He freaked out–called them liars to their faces. He started watching who I was talking to. He actually threw some of them out of our apartment just for disagreeing with him. There was a certain way he wanted me to dress. A role he wanted me to play. Especially in public. I thought it was just an act at first, kind of a schtick, but it got worse instead of better. He buys me nice things. Sometimes he grabs me a little forcefully. My ex showed up on TV the other day and he went ballistic. He brags a lot. One of my friends asked him to prove what he said. He wouldn’t do it. Then she found his journal and passed it around. That’s fake! That’s not mine! He yelled. He yells a lot. My girlfriend from Germany stopped by the other day and he wouldn’t even shake her hand. He wants to make me great again.